About Metal Matrix Cast Composites

Established in 1993, Metal Matrix Cast Composites, LLC (MMCC) produces custom engineered materials and finished components for transportation, aerospace, telecommunications, semiconductor, medical, and military. We specialize in highly loaded ceramic and graphite fiber reinforced aluminum, magnesium, and copper castings for challenging applications where conventional metals fail to meet performance needs. MMCC is a global leader in graphite fiber reinforced metals technology and has been qualified by numerous companies for MetGraf™ (aluminum graphite composites) thermal management materials. We provide materials design and optimization, prototype and production manufacturing, and materials testing and characterization. Our core technology is Advanced Pressure Infiltration Casting (APIC™) initially developed at MIT and adapted for commercial production by company founder and Director of Technology Dr. James Cornie. With over 100 combined years of experience in metal composites, MMCC is a strong partner to support your program and offer the latest advances in custom engineered materials and processes.

Key Personnel  
Mark Ryals CEO
Dr. James Cornie Founder & CTO
Barbara Simon VP Finance
Rob Hay VP Business Development
Kevin Fennessy VP Engineering

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